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Mariah Bruehl

Playful Learning Founder

Welcome to the Teachers’ Lounge, we’re so happy you’re here!

This welcoming online space offers early childhood educators engaging lessons, resources, and a supportive community. We know that teaching is one of the most challenging jobs in the world and our goal is to help you shine!

If you’ve found your way here it’s because you love to seek out inspiration and thrive on creating aha! moments for your students. You work long hours, so everything in your classroom is just right, and are always eager for new ideas. We know your type, because Teachers’ Lounge was created by teachers for teachers. Look no further, you’ve found your tribe!

It is you and other gifted educators just like you, who make the Teachers’ Lounge such a wonderful place. For it’s your voice, your ideas, your inspiration, suggestions, and questions that help shape this online community of teachers.

Here’s to a lifetime of aha! moments for children and grown-ups alike!